PRIME for Midlife Women

Are you suffering with mid-section weight gain, low mood, poor sleep quality, loss of fitness, joint pain or a whole host of other health and wellness niggles?

What is the Prime Kick Start Programme?

Prime is a ground-breaking weight loss, wellness and optimum health programme for midlife women.

The aim of the PRIME programme is to help my clients improve their health and wellbeing including weight loss if this is one of their goals, as this may be adding to a negative mindset and general mental well being.

Prime is a holistic programme aimed at midlife women who want to feel healthy, happy and vibrant.

Each week we will be addressing an area of menopause and how it may be affecting your health and wellbeing:

Week 1 - Body Reset
Simple easy to follow day by day lifestyle and behaviour change.

Week 2 - The accelerated Detox Plan
For Increased Results

Week 3 - Elimination & Rebalance Plan
Introducing new foods into the diet.

Week 4 - 7 Day Sprinter
To accelerate Fat loss if that's your goal.

Week 5 -  The MY FITNESS PAL Challenge.
Have you plateaued?

Week 6 -  Ketogenic diet Plan.
Are you struggling with your gut?

Week 7 -  Elimination and Rebalance Plan.
 Fitting healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Week 8 -  Continuation And Maintenance Plan

There will also be live Prime Workouts with me every week day on Zoom or you can do on Catch up. 

You'll receive a:

  • Menopause Meal Plan Booklet
  • Kick Start Juice Handbook
  • Prime Shopping List

Educational videos everyday that are easy to follow and empowering with actionable tips. 

You'll also be part of a Prime Whats App Group full of like minded people which will help motivate, Inspire and provide accountability to keep going to achieve your goals.

Access to the Prime Dashboard for life. 

Early Bird Price only £99 (usually £127)

Starts Monday 6th September for 8 weeks.

PRIME for Midlife Women

£127.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price