Lift Lean is a strength and resistance programme aimed at all WOMEN but especially mid-lifers. It is ideal for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women as it focuses on daily strength training and healthy eating that can help to relieve symptoms.


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What Will You Get If You Join?

  • A 4-week strength training programme of different 15-20 minute home workouts recorded by Heidi

  • A weekly live Lift Lean class taught by Heidi (this is optional and will be held on a Tuesday 1745 – 1845 at The Fishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane, Fishbourne)

  • Access to a Private Lift Lean Facebook group where you can share your experience with other people on LIFT LEAN and ask any questions or if your not on facebook i will be emailing you information.

  • Healthy recipes to choose from every day and a shopping list 1 week before the programme starts to get stocked up

  • A weekly Facebook Live Q&A session with Heidi where healthy tips and topics will be discussed

What Equipment Will You Need?

You can buy this equipment from me in my shop, in your local supermarkets or beg, steal and borrow from a friend!


  • A Kettlebell (the heaviest you happy to lift)

  • Dumbbells (a variety of weight would be good or just go for one pair of a medium resistance for you)

  • A Step (or something that will work as a step)

  • A Yoga Mat

  • A Resistance Loop 

What are people saying about Lift Lean?

"I really found the class tonight challenging but also fantastic. You are such a good teacher, I have never felt all my abdomen muscles before!!

I am loving the lift lean workouts too. Just the right length... Thank you for all the motivating videos and your emails and all your hard work."


"My aim in starting Lift Lean was to become stronger and after three weeks the effects are kicking in. I not only feel stronger but also have lost 2lbs and almost an inch from my waist! And though using weights was scary to start with Heidi's enthusiastic encouragement makes it doable and fun."



Join Lift Lean today for just 

Call Heidi on 07826 924 923 or email heidi@healthdriven.co.uk
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