Pilates helps improve posture, movement and strengthens the whole body in a safe and controlled way. It can also help relieve stress with helpful breathing techniques and really helps manage back, neck and shoulder pain through better body awareness.


Our Beginners classes are for those that are new to Pilates or prefer a less intense session.


Our Improvers classes are for those that know the basics and would like to continue to improve their posture, movement and strength with a more dynamic and flowing exercsie routine.


Our Mixed Abilities classes will include the basics with options to increase intensity for those that are more experienced.


If you have a mat please bring one with you. If not, I do have them to borrow.

No mats required at Lindy Griffiths as it is a small class.


Number of Sessions
  • Beginners Pilates

    Wednesdays at 08:50-09:50


    Improvers Pilates

    Wednesdays at 10:00-11.00

Call Heidi on 07826 924 923 or email heidi@healthdriven.co.uk
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