Lift Lean - 4 Week Programme

Lift Lean is a strength and resistance programme aimed at everyone but especially WOMEN around menopausal age. It is ideal for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women as it focuses on daily strength training and healthy eating that can help to relieve symptoms. As we age it is so important to do strength training to improve the muscle mass we lose rapdly, bone strength, and to increase our metabolism to allow our bodies to work more efficiently.

Lift Lean - 4 Week Programme

    •  A 4-week strength and resistance training programme consisting of a variety of workouts that are all less than 30 minutes. 

    • Weekly meditation and Mindset

    • Access to a Lift Lean Facebook or Whats App group where you can share your experience with other people on the course and ask any questions.

    • Healthy Lift Lean recipes, meal planner and shopping list provided before the programme starts so you can get prepared. 

  • You can buy this equipment from me in my shop, in your local supermarkets or beg, steal and borrow from a friend!

    • A Kettlebell (the heaviest you're able to lift maintaining good technique)

    • Dumbbells (a variety of weight would be good or just go for one pair of a medium resistance for you)

    • A Step (or something that will work as a step)

    • A Yoga Mat (Optional)

    • Resistance Band, Loop or activation band (Light and Heavy ).